Friday 21st June 2019
Central London

Eastern Eye Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts
Presented to an exceptional individual for outstanding contribution to the arts and cultural landscape of Britain.
Eastern Eye Award for Film, TV & Drama, Best Actor and Best Actress
Presented for the best performance in a film, drama or television series.
Eastern Eye Award for Theatre, Best Actor and Best Actress
Presented for the best performance in a play.
NEW! Eastern Eye Community Engagement Award
Awarded to a museum, gallery or library for exceptional and innovative exhibition, programme or project that has taken community engagement a step further through cultural understanding.
Eastern Eye Emerging Artist Award
Presented to an emerging artist who has earned significant recognition for a piece of work in the creative industries. It recognises new and undisputed talent and encourages UK’s most promising artists at an early stage of their careers.
Eastern Eye Award for Best Director
Presented for outstanding directing in film, television or the stage.
Eastern Eye Award for Best Production
Awarded to an individual or team for outstanding production in television, stage, film or any live event.
Eastern Eye Award for Best Presenter
Presented to an outstanding Asian presenter who has excelled in Asian or mainstream media.
Eastern Eye Award for Comedy
Presented to an exceptional artist of South Asian heritage working in the field of live comedy, television sitcom or online web comedy.
Eastern Eye Award for Music
Presented to an outstanding artist for creative and commercial achievement in the music industry.
Eastern Eye Award for Literature
Awarded to an author for literary work published in 2017 which has at its core a South Asian influence.
Eastern Eye Award for Dance
Awarded to an outstanding dancer or choreographer whose work is influenced by South Asian dance traditions.
Eastern Eye Award for Arts
Awarded to an individual, curator or exhibition, working through the medium of painting, photography or mixed media.