Friday 22nd June 2018
Central London
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About ACTA 2018

Riz Ahmed, Dev Patel, Meera Syal, Art Malik – just a few household names from the world of acting.
Zayn Malik, Naughty Boy (Shahid Khan), and Anoushka Shankar – from the world of music.

What do they all have in common?

They are hugely talented, have huge fan followings but don’t always get the recognition they really deserve or merit. At a time when we, as a country, need to project a positive and upbeat message to the world, we need to highlight the amazing array of British Asian artistic talent there is.

Our success in the entertainment industry – whether it be in film or music – is well charted - small island, big success. Few other countries can match the might of America, when it comes to entertainment, but we can. And yet the recognition of the Asian contribution is often minimal or ignored in a British, let alone a global, context. It’s about time we shouted about these brilliant artists and made the world sit up and take notice.

The Eastern Eye Arts, Culture & Theatre Awards (ACTAs) were created in 2016 and were inspired by a desire to see the best in our community be celebrated for their artistic achievements far and wide.

Supported by one of the oldest Asian newspapers in Britain and one of the oldest and longest-established British Asian publishing houses, the Asian Media Group, which has a long history of staging successful awards ceremonies, this has become a fixture in the entertainment calendar.

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